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          Norden, CA (2020年3月10日) -- 糖罐 滑雪队 & Academy (SBSTA)  is excited to announce that Brian Krill will be joining SBSTA as its Executive Director, effective July 1, 2020. As SBSTA’s Executive Director, Krill will lead the athletic and academic staff to further strengthen SBSTA’s vision to be the recognized gold standard for ski teams and ski academies. Krill has an extensive background in both skiing and education - having worked for several organizations around the country, including U.S. Ski and Snowboard, Western Colorado University, Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club, and Crested Butte 学院, with a track record of moving organizations forward. 

          “布赖恩的经验是独一无二的:被老师,教练,在澳门皇冠现金体育部主任和宿舍父母;已经在教育服务的企业家;说完接口与所有主要的澳门皇冠现金和滑雪俱乐部在全国发展美国滑雪和滑雪俱乐部的认证计划,并作为体育教育总监;并已经一个非营利性的行政,说:”史蒂夫Shray,主席,董事会受托人科技咨询机构。 “我们期待着他丰富的经验运用他SBSTA为我们的学生运动员的利益。”磷虾的执行董事角色闭幕包括科技咨询机构,整个社会六个月全国搜索过程:工作人员;校友;父母;和受托人。

          "I am thrilled to be joining the Sugar Bowl 滑雪队 & 学院 community," said Krill. "SBSTA has developed an incredible reputation and platform for developing student-athletes in a holistic manner -- the combination of a full-scale club and academy has proven to be a unique and successful formula. I am looking forward to partnering with the SBSTA team, 糖罐 Resort, and the entire community to drive the organization to its fullest potential. I began my career in an academic and athletic environment, and I am looking forward to returning to my roots.” 


          The Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy is a nationally recognized 高山, 免费乘车, and Nordic ski team and ski academy that has produced multiple US Ski Team members, NCAA collegiate competitors, national champions in virtually all age groups, and numerous nationally ranked athletes. SBSTA is gold certified through the US Ski and Snowboard Certification Program and accredited by NAIS. 糖罐 滑雪队 & 学院 is a community dedicated to providing passionate skiers the opportunity to pursue athletic dreams, academic excellence, and personal growth while celebrating grit, grace, and courage.


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